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Convert TIFF to PDF

To convert TIFF files to PDF in a program or script, one can use the versatile ImageMagick "convert" program ( To merge three TIFF files, you could use:

convert.exe page1.tiff page2.tiff page3.tiff output.pdf

You can also use it to convert a single multipage TIFF file into a PDF file, but for large files ImageMagick needs a lot of memory and processing might be slow.

There's a much better solution in this case; just use the tiff2pdf program from the Tiff library. It's available for Windows from the GnuWin project: . For tiff2pdf.exe to run, you'll also need to include the libtiff3.dll, jpeg62.dll and zlib1.dll libraries in the same directory. You can find the last two here: and

The command syntax is different from ImageMagick's but equally simple:

tiff2pdf.exe -o output.pdf largefile.tiff